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Louis Vuiton Vn -Tuyển Gấp - Showroom Manager Tai Hn
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Vị trí Louis Vuiton Vn -Tuyển Gấp - Showroom Manager Tai Hn
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Leading and driving a sales team to achieve sales targets, and meet customer service standards


- Responsible for driving and motivating a team ( 6-10 people) to achieve sales and service targets. Lead by example performing front line sales and customer service. Demonstrate solid product knowledge and provide training and coaching to subordinates.


- Assist the ASM / SM with various operations of the retail store environment including:
Sales management
Customer service
Staff management
Store operations
Inventory management
Store visuals
1.Action Oriented / Drive for Results:

Has a clear direction, and drive their team to exceed sales and customer service targets.

2.Technical Skills / Knowledge

Solid product knowledge of all product categories and expert of one particular product group. Will provide product knowledge coaching to subordinates. Possess MS Office skills.

3.Customer focus
Lead by example by performing quality sales and customer service. Monitor the level of customer service of the team and provide training and coaching as required.
4.Motivating Others & Developing Direct Reports

Create a positive environment in which their team want to do their best. Encourage team members to contribute. Provide timely guidance and feedback to help the team strengthen specific knowledge and skills. Conduct on the job training and coaching.
5.Personal learning and self development

Committed and actively work to continuously improve oneself, and eager to learn.
6.Negotiation Skills and Interpersonal Savvy

Able to influence and communicate clearly sales and service objectives and company information to their team. Patient and sensitive to internal and external customer needs.
7.Dealing with Ambiguity

Willingness to adapt to changes in a positive manner. Continue to seek more effective ways of achieving tasks. Adapt well to multiple demands, shifting priorities and ambiguity.
8.Business Sense / Acumen

Continue to enhance their business sense. Understand the overall results and objectives of store operations.

9.Analytical thinking (Intellectual Horsepower)

Utilize systems and data to analyze sales and service performance and assist in formulating action plans.
Generate new ideas and try alternative approaches in all matters. Continue to seek new ways to add value to the company.
11.Perseverance and Patience

Can work under pressure and meet targets. Manage personal stress in a professional way. Remain calm and comfort others during stressful situations.
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