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Vị trí F&b Manager
cucquyDate: Chủ nhật, 16-12-2012, 11:35 AM | Message # 1
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Thông tin tuyển dụng
Vị trí F&b Manager
Số lượng tuyển 2
Ngành nghề Du lịch/Nhà hàng/Khách sạn
Giải trí/Vui chơi
Quản lý điều hành
Tính chất công việc Việc làm thu nhập cao
Tỉnh/Thành phố TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Toàn quốc
Mô tả F&B Manager
Job Description
A food and beverage (F&B) manager has a wide array of responsibilities, from the hiring and firing of staff to budget management to customer satisfaction. However, with these responsibilities come a large amount of opportunities for a well-qualified, competent F&B manager.

Directly responsible to the General Manager for the overall supervision and function of all food and beverage employees, operation, facilities, sales and costs and department profit.

- Develops and implements the start up check list for all F&B issues.
- Develops and administers F&B budget, action plan and promotional activities of the department; stimulates sales and profit.
- Involves Chef in planning of menus, deciding in pricing which is market-sensitive.
- Analyzes food and beverage Service operation from operating costs to increasing sales, efficiency, sanitation and merchandising principles.
- Supervises and coordinates all menu preparing, pricing, food presentation, sanitation, Food and Beverage promotion, ensures qualities of food and beverage at all times.
- Makes daily inspection of all F&B Service outlets including restaurants, meeting rooms, kitchen, store rooms, staff canteen and other areas under his control.
- Ensures the highest standards of service and quality are met daily.
- Making specific correction and recommendation necessary for optimum performance.
- Responsible for all related costs including food, beverage, and labor.
- Works with other depts to effectively manage special events and banquets.
- May meet customers of special functions and its arrangement. Furnishes guidance to sub-department heads on employees training, public relation and Banquet/ Events sales promotion. Handles customer complaints and gives solution for service recovery.
- Maintains existing and new programs ensuring the highest quality of food and service and focusing on member/guest satisfaction and retention.
- Develops and maintains marketing and promotional programs.
- Provides Management with information regarding client satisfaction and activities of competition; Prepares bi - weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly F&B report.
- Makes frequent suggestions in reference to improve of general operation, F&B promotions, cost control and profitability.
- Keeps aware of trends practice and equipment in food and beverage preparation and service in the outlets and restaurant fields through actual visits.
- Handles the human resource responsibilities of structuring, hiring and firing staffs, training, appraisal and developments.

Job Requirement
1. Working experience

- Currently be F&B Manager in hospitality businesses and/or 4 and 5 stars of international standards hotels.
- At least 7 years in management level, prefer at the same position.
- Fine dining/upscale experience is preferred.
- Start up experience will be advantage.
- Strong banquet and catering is also considered as a plus.

2. Education

- The academic qualifications of an associate or bachelor's degree in hospitality. F&B Management degree will be a plus.

3. Personal qualifications

- Has solid communication skills and a great deal of initiative.
- Intimately understands his job and the jobs of those she supervises.
- Needs to be fit and energetic, as these positions often require long days -sometimes as long as 15 hours.
- Can at least communicate in multiple languages because of the high number of immigrants working in the F&B sector and customer fields. English is a must.
- Good Computer skill and presentation skill.
- Good in implementing a plan of action to push up sales of food & beverage.
- Ability to work in a multi-cultural and entrepreneurial environment.
- Asian and Western experiences regarded.

Preferred language(For applications)
English, Japan
Kỹ năng - Tiếng anh lưu loát.
- Có khả năng quản lý và sắp xếp công việc tốt.
- Có khả năng giao tiếp tốt.
- Nnhanh nhẹn, tự tin.
- Khả năng trình bày thuyết phục.
- Sử dụng tốt vi tính văn phòng.
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Hạn nộp hồ sơ 31/12/2012
Kích hoạt: honglien
Thông tin liên hệ
Người liên hệ Ms. Hương Giang
Địa chỉ 30M, Ngô Tất Tố, P. 22, Q. Bình Thạnh
Điện thoại 08 6258 2323
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