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Senior Python Programmer
cucquyDate: Chủ nhật, 16-12-2012, 3:56 PM | Message # 1
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Thông tin tuyển dụng
Vị trí Senior Python Programmer
Số lượng tuyển 1
Ngành nghề Công nghệ thông tin
Tính chất công việc Giờ hành chính
Tỉnh/Thành phố TP.Hồ Chí Minh
Mô tả Analysis & design:
- Participate in creating Technical Design Overview(TDO), Technical Design Document (TDD) and Interface Requirement Specification (IRS), that will be reviewed by Technical
- Leader Provide inputs to technical specifications
- Design the features you have to develop
- Recommend right solution for client to solve a problem if required
- Do the documentation of the program and include technical specifications in the code
- Provide evaluation of the time required to complete a task assigned to you

- To adhere to the software quality standards and principles agreed by my team and the wider development team
- Have proper communication other programmers and designers for an efficient outcome
- Responsible for updating/committing your code from/to Source code control system and resolve conflict if any
- Responsibility to protect privacy of client's data if any
- Make sure your code maintainable
- Proper testing of the developed code at various stages to detect bugs

- Participate at the daily scrum meeting
- Participate in Sprint planning meetings and giving feedbacks about planned tasks/features
- Inform producer/Technical Leader/Dev Department Manager about issues and possible issues and work with Technical Leader to avoid them
- Update the management about tasks, status, problems on daily basic

- To take the time to improve skills
- Constantly updating of technical knowledge
- Educate other Playsofters by writing nice posts
- Share with the Playsofters what you learnt about a specific features you developed or any topics related to Playsoft area of expertise
Kỹ năng Using Python at least 3 years
- Must be comfortable working with QA to ensure consistency, reliability and functionality
- Good knowledge of software development process
- Knowledge about Scrum
- Is able to mentor junior team members
- Community awareness with new technologies, frameworks, resources, and open source libraries
- Knowledge of distributed source code version control systems.
- Has used more than one framework in a professional capacity and is well-versed with the idioms of the frameworks.
- Is able to design/implement the reusable components for projects
- Is able to analysis and design an average-size project Is able to propose and recommend creative solutions
- Able to design good and normalised database schemas
- Can do basic database administration, performance optimisation, index optimisation, write advanced select queries
- Knowledge in Web Security (XSS, Session hija
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Kinh nghiệm 3 năm
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Hạn nộp hồ sơ 31/12/2012

Thông tin liên hệ
Người liên hệ Ms. Duyên
Địa chỉ 08 Tân Trang, P. 9, Q. Tân Bình, Tp. Hcm
Điện thoại (08) 38688656 ext:18
Di động 0916 783 770
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Ngày 16-12-2012
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